No thank you, I don’t want a beer

I love beer! Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a cold one during the summer. Or in the winter. That being said the day before a long run I don’t want a beer. I love my mother to pieces, but when she asked me this morning if we wanted to stop by for a cold beer after work (a question posed literally 2 minutes after I said what my run would be tomorrow) I had to count to ten to avoid a frustrated reply.

Some years I have sustained from alcohol completely during the 18 weeks of training. Actually most years that is the case. Last year was the first year that I was a little more willing to imbibe every once in awhile. But the one hard and fast rule that I stick by is not consuming alcohol the night before a long run or race.

Perhaps it’s old school thinking or new school thinking. either way it’s JJ’s way of thinking. Something that i have been pretty vocal about to those that I am close with. I was a little irked that she would ask such a question when she knows how strict I am about my pre-running routine.

It’s not so much this particular question. It’s more so that the range of questions I get on a regular basis coupled with the often borderline snarky replies I receive in response to my replies. The concept of being focused on a long term goal that requires some degree of sacrifice is something that seems foreign. The truth is it doesn’t take much effort to remain committed to a plan. Nothing truly worthwhile comes without a price tag, and if forgoing beer for a few weeks a year is the price of admission then I will gladly pay it…for 18 weeks.

Happy Running!

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