An Early Morning Run

The code red heat is slated to continue today. With forgoing my run yesterday I didn’t want to skip today. Thursdays i typically run with Regina and Becky but I’m helping a friend with a Power Point presentation so I decided to get up and run early.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a short early morning run. I thought it might give the right amount of spice to my routine.

I struck out at 5:30 (after having slept through and turning off my 4:30 alarm) and I was almost immediately stalled by our neighbor. I love our neighborhood ladies and I especially love E’s miniature dachshund Karma. What was suppose to a quick hello turned into a 20 minute conversation that included another neighbor. By the time I finally started running it was almost 6.

My run was supposed to be 3 miles, and I realized given my shortened time constraints that 3 wouldn’t be possible. I had a brief thought of giving it up all together, grumbling that the Universe was against me. BUT I decided that something was better than nothing and made it my personal mission to run two miles in 20 minutes. I ran 2.1 in 22:25, a 10:22 average. Mile 1 was 10:22 and mile 2 was a surprisingly comfortable 9:54. The lower average came from .1 that I walked to the house at 13:22 pace.

FullSizeRI also was brave in the early morning hours with not many people around to shed my tank top. The humidity was super high even at 6 am, I was uncomfortable with the my shirt was fitting as a result of the sweat. I think that decision was the reason for the sub 10 minute mile run. I could caulk it up to wanting to get home and out of the public as quickly as possible.

I was pleased with the morning run. I know that it has set my day off on the right foot and honestly made me realize that my evening will be more relaxed because my run is taken care of and I don’t have to make a frantic made dash for home so that I can get my 509 evening things done AND run.

Hopefully this heatwave will break soon, or at least the air quality will improve so that I can return to some semblance of normalcy in training.

Happy Running!

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