Code Red Air and a Jordan Syatt Workout

Today was a code red air day with a heat index of 105. I debating running and how I would run-wait until dark (after consuming sushi) or go to the gym and pound out some amount of 5 miles in what was probably an equally as hot location.

I decided to do neither.

Instead, I had received an email from an online coach I follow, Jordan Syatt I had that IMG_2691morning received what he called The General Tso’s Workout. It is a strength training HIIT routine. I looked it over and realized that it would work many of the areas that are my targeted weak spots. So I gave it a try, at home because the gym was super crowded with all the others that wouldn’t run outside. (Ignore the gardening supplies in the background.)

IMG_2695Lacking a proper bench for the bat wing row, I used the bench for the table we have downstairs. Aside from nearly dumping myself on the floor, it was incredibly comfortable but it sufficed for what I was doing. I wouldn’t recommend it for long periods of time, I can see that it might result in some lower back or neck discomfort. But I was careful and slow and tried to maintain the best form as possible throughout.

The workout kicked my butt!

I would definitely do the work out again, perhaps with proper equipment for the dead lift but I honestly found this workout to be a perfect strength routine for runners. It hits all the muscle groups that we typical strive to improve upon. I might in the future through in an ab routine at the end. But the routine left me sweating, especially the Russian Twists.

Give it a go! And while you are at it, check out Jordan’s website and all his social media sites. He’s especially active on Instagram. His website has all the links you need to find him. He responds to posts on the regular as well as emails. I would highly recommend signing up for his newsletter as well.

I did 5 sets of round 1 and 4 sets of round 2. I tried to maintain and focus on form and I didn’t rest until the end of the time limit-but if you need to rest take a rest and then push it out. I have put what weights I did, but do whats best for you and when in doubt-BODY WEIGHT is great.

The General Tso’s Workout

(The linked videos will take you to Jordan’s YouTube Channel explaining the particular exercise)

1a) Dumbbell Shoulder Press x 6 (Weight: 10# for all)
1b) Goblet Squat x 6 (Weight: 10#/20#/20#/10#/BW)
1c) Batwing Row x 6 (Weight: 10# for all)
1d) Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift x 6 (Weight: 10#/20# x 4)
Note: set the clock for 10min and complete as many rounds as possible. Keep rest to a minimum and do not sacrifice technique for speed.
2a) Push-Up x 5 (2 rounds standard/2 rounds modified)
2b) Dumbbell Rev Lunge x 5/leg (10#/20#/10# x2)
2c) Chin-Up OR Lat Pull Down x 6 (I did jumping chin ups since I can’t do a chin up yet but I tried to hang for about 3 secs with each one)
2d) Russian Twist x 10 (12# medicine ball)
Note: set the clock for 8min and complete as many rounds as possible. Keep rest to a minimum and do not sacrifice technique for speed.
Good luck!
Happy Running and Sweating!

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