Isn’t it ironically coincidental?

Perhaps it was irony or is it coincidence that my halfway point of a run I didn’t want to go on was Turning Point Ct?

I really didn’t want to run. I was delayed leaving the office. I stopped at my Mom’s to pick up baked goods for my Wednesday meeting and left feeling like a horrible daughter because I couldn’t stay for a visit. The getting ready process just seemed to not go smoothly.

Once I finally got out the door I was down the street before I realized, uncomfortably so, that I hadn’t used the head before I left. Once I finally go started the last thing on my list was to run my three miles. I set out on a familiar route and decided that I would just run to the light at Church Street, a route that would give me 2.5 miles.

“Close enough” I said to myself.

“Whose going to know” the little voice in my head said.

I realized as I headed home on my shortened route that I would know. I didn’t want race day to come and have me spend some portion of the race wishing that I had done that extra half mile. Since I made the decision on the way home, I had to go past my street and add a quarter mile on that end.

As I got close to the 2.25 mile mark I thought I would just use the next block as my turn around point. I laughed when I realized the name of the street that served at my mid-way point.

FullSizeRI thought about it for the last half of my run, that if I had cut my run short I wouldn’t have had the moment of runners humor that kept me chuckling the rest of the way.

More importantly, I pushed myself through the run. I disregarded the voice in my head that was telling me what I wanted to hear and paid attention to the voice saying what I needed to hear.

While that half mile in the scheme of things probably won’t be make or break on race day, the mental fortitude to keep going is the skill set that I need to make sure that this years marathon is truly the best yet.  Honestly, I’m not going to qualify for Boston if I take the easy way out.

Happy Running!


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