My bra tried to kill me

My neck has been sore since Sunday morning, I thought maybe I had slept wrong. But after a nice massage from Jesi and some ibuprofen, I still woke up Monday with discomfort. 
I spent the day trying to figure out what position I could have slept in that would have caused pain where it did, until I remembered that I had to wrestle my way out of my sports bra in Saturday. 
After 9 miles of July humidity, I was pretty well soaked in sweat. Combine that with a compression sports bra and you have a recipe for a shoulder discomfort. 
It’s not horrible, I would say it’s about a 2 but when I turn to the left it’s more of a 5. It’s nothing prohibitive and it won’t or shouldn’t keep me from picking up training tomorrow. I was a little bummed that it will keep me from going to Zumba, but at the same time it’s probably better to observe my rest day.
I will have to ruminate on how to get out a wet sports bra that doesn’t dislocate my major joints. 
Happy Running! 

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