Rest days are the best days

I must admit that rest days really are the best days. Though I did realize I was excitedly awaiting Saturday’s arrival so that I could run again. I am finding that I have a different feeling this time around about my running. I am enjoying equally the running and the rest days, and have a better appreciation for the rest days for what they are-days to allow my body to do its own work to recovery and prepare.

I did do some stretching and rolling to help aid in the rest and recovery portion of the training, a practice that I am not as consistent as I would like but that I am working towards its daily inclusion. I do monitor my water intake to ensure that I am hydrating enough to carry me through the day. It’s the small details that will pay out the largest dividends.

Rest days being those types of days that will in the long run pay the highest return on investment.

Happy Running….or resting!

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