It was monsooning….

Well it wasn’t really monsooning (especially given that I totally made up that word), but for someone living on the East Coast of the USA when the rain is plentiful and torrential enough to cause ponds in parking lots….I consider it some degree of monsooning.

(It should be noted that I don’t mind running in the rain, and have done so quite frequently. However, when the wind causes the rain to come down sideways and the rain is coming down with enough force to move heavy terracotta planters I feel it best to take to the indoors so as not to drown or trip on something unseen in a puddle)

Of course the weather occurred on a day when I was slated to put in miles. The mix of ibuprofen and rest yesterday meant that my knee was feeling pretty good. Good enough that  I was feeling brave enough to give a few miles a try. But as usual, Mother Nature has a twisted sense of humor.

But I thwarted her efforts to keep me from training. I instead went to the gym and put my miles in on the dreaded “Deadmill.” I am not a fan of the treadmill for a multitude of reasons:

  1. You don’t actually go anywhere
  2. It’s usually hot and stagnant air in the gym
  3. You are running in the same spot for a given amount of time
  4. It gives you a false sense of speed
  5. Lastly, you don’t ACTUALLY go anywhere

On the flip side, a treadmill has it’s advantages:

  1. You don’t actually go anywhere-a fact that is incredibly helpful when you have a sore joint that concerns you and no one is home to pick you up if you can’t make it back
  2. Sometimes you get lucky and the air conditioning is on
  3. You are out of the torrential downpours
  4. There are bathrooms close by
  5. You can watch an episode of your favorite show

A treadmill is pretty equal in its pros and cons. Each person  has their own pros and cons list, but usually when looked at objectively they are pretty equal.

I was grateful for the treadmill, aside from the rain, I was feeling more solitary in my running endeavors and wanted to forgo my usual Thursday group run and just run solo. The treadmill kept me dry, allowed me to run at a pace that felt good on my knee and re-watch an episode of The Crown (my new show obsession).

I was scheduled to do four miles yesterday, which I was going to swap for today’s three so that I could do four with the group. Instead, I stuck with my scheduled Thursday three and called it a day. I didn’t want to push my knee too much on it’s first outing.

I also did 1000 meters of rowing for no other reason than I like rowing and wanted to work on some upper body strength. I notice that on longer distances my shoulders and arms get tired and tense feeling, I think the fatigue is mostly the result of my desk job and keeping my hands in a typing position most of the day.

I won’t spend the vast majority of training on the treadmill but I can appreciate its place in the training hierarchy. It keeps me out of the nasty weather, provides me the opportunity to tweak my form if need be, mostly though it allows me to run when my body is little sore.

Happy Running!


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