If it were easy….

Good people will do what they find honorable to do, even it it requires hard work; they’ll do it even if it causes them injury; they’ll do it even if it will bring danger. Again, they won’t do what they find base, even if it brings wealthy, pleasure, or power. Nothing will deter them from what is honorable, and nothing will lure them into what is base.”  -Seneca

If a marathon were easy, everyone would do it. Thankfully for once in my life, I’m not everyone. Despite a desire to always fit in with the “in crowd,” running a marathon has made me appreciate my uniqueness. A uniqueness that comes predominately from the fact that most people don’t run marathons simply because it is too hard. I have lost count at the number of times I have heard people say, “I would die running a mile” (a statement refuted by the fact that they have survived high school gym class) or “I don’t even drive that far in my car” (a preposterous statement given the co-worker lives 45 minutes away)

I suppose to some training and running a marathon doesn’t fall under the definition of honorable, however for me running a marathon is a vehicle (no pun intended) to fund-raise for a cause that is larger than myself. I started running because I was told I couldn’t. However in the successive years the marathon has become more than just a desire to thumb my nose at those who doubted me and instead a way to support those who can’t run.

While training for a marathon does in fact result in injury at some point during the 18 weeks, waking up with a stiff knee has made me rethink my training run today. It is hard work to train, but it also requires one to be smart about the work. Pushing through an injury so soon into training season could result in a larger issue later on in the training season. I made the conscious effort this morning to forgo my training run and decided that instead I will focus on some body-weight strength training.

More importantly, will be a day focused on recovery. I have begun a regime of ibuprofen and will follow up with ice today. I feel that a day or two off my knee is best.

Marathon training isn’t easy but if it were everyone would be out there. Though honestly, I’m not sure that would be a bad thing.

Happy Running!

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