It Wasn’t Pretty…Well the Hydrangeas Were

It seemed strange to be rocking my British flag sues on the day that celebrates our independence from Britain, but I merely giggled at the irony as I put in my three miles.

It was a rough three miles. I was slow. My feet felt heavy (perhaps punishment for the shoes). I just felt tired. But mostly my knee hurt. It didn’t feel horrible after my long run on Sunday, just achy. Yesterday it felt clicky for lack of a better term. But this morning when I woke up it just hurt.

Despite the pain, I still managed to completed 3.25 in 37 minutes, so at some point I managed to hustle. Though I think its equally as much my desire to enjoy the sights more when I run, a more “stop and smell the roses” approach.

I distracting to make sure that I stop (more like slow down or acknowledge in some way) to enjoy those sights around me. It seems to take away the monotony of the run. Also, it makes it more of an experience instead of the feeling that the run is merely to mark off a box on my spreadsheet.


The “Wrong Way” say allowed me to ponder how I have often felt that much that my direction has been considered the “wrong way” by many around me. That resulted in a two mile inner monologue of rambling as I processed that out of know where ideal.

Thankfully that thought took a back seat to the few minutes I stopped to enjoy the hydrangeas on my route. I actually saw them from the road and made a detour on my planned route to enjoy them. They were quite spectator along the side of the school. I noticed the chance in the soil acidity as the various flowers showed the changes in colors from pinks to purples and blues.

Overall the run wasn’t pretty, I really struggled physically and by the end I was mentally IMG_2586have some struggles continuing. There were a few points that I could have turned off and cut my run shorter by a mile but I kept on kept going. Besides, if I had turned back I would have missed the hydrangeas and even the dead tree adorned with birdhouses.

Maybe it’s the refocused perspective on my training, but I feel that this training so far (granted it’s only the first official week) seems to be going better than previous years, sore knee aside. I have been staying focused with daily readings and also we have cut out cable so I find that I am less focused on televisions shows. Though I am guilty of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. I feel that that I am trying to be more “zen” this year or at least more focused on those things that matter and less that don’t.

I just keep reminding myself that I have chosen to run a marathon-I have chosen to put myself in this position. I shall be grateful for that ability to choose.

Happy Running



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