First Long Run Or The Year

The first long run of the year is in the books. I wasn’t sure how to feel about it going into the run considering I started out with a stiff knee when I woke up. However, I thought that I would just go out and do, and give it the best that I had; even if it only turned out to be a mile. In the end, I think it turned out to be a successful and  surprisingly positive run.

I woke up and enjoyed a half cup quick oats with some honey and a frozen waffle. I watched a little Casey Neistat and then got ready. I had decided that I would head towards Mt. Olivet Cemetery via Market Street. Knowing I had to do seven miles, but with a knee that is about 3.5 on a scale of 1-10 my plan was just go and do at least 4.

IMG_2557I was excited to have received my new shoes on Saturday and was hoping that they would help ease the discomfort in my knee when I ran. I didn’t realize when I ordered them how excited I would be for the British flag design, they really are quite vivid and fun.

The temperatures were pretty cool, there was a slight breeze and the humidity was low that early in the morning. It made effort a bit easier than last weeks evening runs in high heat.

When I got to the two mile mark I was feeling pretty good-the shoes were comfortable, the temperatures were cool-I was feeling pretty darn good about the day so I pushed on to the cemetery.

Truth be told, it had been awhile since I had visited Sara and wanted to take the photo of she and Noah for a visit. I pushed on.IMG_2550

The decision seemed to be a good one, until the run home. By mile 5 I realized that I had fallen into the all too famous trap of “I feel fantastic let’s keep going” To distract myself I started looking at the scenery and having internal conversations.

I saw a truck going to the local farmers market “Grass Fed Beef” it proclaimed-which caused me to spend the next half mile wondering what other kind of food the “beef” would eat? Granted I am a city girl with no farming experience, that being said I did attend a high school that had a Take Your Tractor To School Day (That is not a fabrication those days really do exist) so I have some basic knowledge of farm animals.

As my arms started to feel tired I wondered what kind of exercises I needed to perform to strengthen my arms. I do push ups regularly but I need something more. Then I wondered if I could have super buff arms by the time the marathon rolled around so I could look especially fantastic in my race photos.

By the time I finally made it home, the last mile and a half had ranged in internal conversations from the mundane of what kind of weed is that to the deep and profound thought of how confident I would be in completing the marathon.

My new shoes were an incredible factor in allowing me to run. I did notice an immediate difference in the cushion as I ran.

Overall, I was quite pleased with my 1 hour and 15 minute time for 6.5 miles of effort. For me it wasn’t so much how far that I went, but that I got up and did it. I want to get in the habit of having a consistent training schedule this  year. While I may not always be able to get out at the same time every day, my ultimate goal is to stick to the training plan this year with the addition of stretching and weight training. Because I felt so fabulous after my run,  I rewarded myself by adding an extra piece of bacon to my post run breakfast.

A non-running win about the day, was that I was able to attend church after. i had successfully gotten up and run my miles and felt energized enough after my run that I could get ready and enjoy the rest of my day. The day wasn’t completely taken over by my training schedule. Something that in the past has been a frustration for both Jesi and I-50% of the weekend is taken up by my training to the point that we have to miss out on things we might otherwise like to take part in.

Somewhere along the way I decided that this year, I would balance the training with life. To ensure that I enjoy all the opportunities I can. I think this long run was just the long run experience I needed to start my training season off and turn last weeks rough week truly into a memory.

Happy Running




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