Running Without An Armband

The official first week of training wasn’t incredibly successful. I didn’t get in as much training as I would like and the miles I did put in were just so much effort. I decided that I would restart the training plan THIS week. So far, that plan has been working wonderfully. I am feeling more well rested and focused…I don’t feel quite so “Holy shit it’s marathon training time.”

A slight tweak that turned out to be a really large change was to forgo my iPhone armband. I pulled out a pair of shorts that I own that have a Velcro close pocket. to be honest, my arm band for my iPhone has been the bane of my running existence the last few weeks. The band feels heavy. It never fits just right. I end up with chafing. It’s always there. I decided to try running with my phone in a secure pocket to see if I could get rid of one distraction.

It was WONDERFUL! I was able to run comfortably. My arm swing felt natural and even. It was freeing to be able to listen to my music with my wireless headphones but not have to contend with my phone.

Th2511LD.jpge shorts that I wore are made by Race Ready. I wore the Men’s Active LD Easy Short. They fabric is soft and very breathable. They are loose fitting around the legs so I don’t feel constructed. Despite the seemingly odd placement of the front pockets, my iPhone 7 fits comfortable and easily. The phone in no way impacted my stride and didn’t bounce around at all.

I made the mistake last year of putting my phone in the back pouch-DON’T DO THAT! The Velcro and the pouches in the back are not sturdy enough to handle the jostling. That being said the pouches are perfect for your pills or snacks or small lightweight items that you typically carry with you. I do put my house key in the other front pocket, only because I like the security of the completely enclosed pocket.

It was a super small change, but has paid huge dividends in my last two training runs. I highly recommend considering looking into shorts that have secure pockets for your phone. My recommendation is just one of several on the market. This small tweak might be an equally as beneficial change for you.

Happy Running!


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