Friday Fun-day

This has been a week for sure, I have had some rather roller coaster cranky moments; see the graphic in yesterday’s post.  I have been feeling overwhelmed trying to juggle the myriad of responsibilities I have chosen to get myself involved in. Mostly though I haven’t been sleeping particularly well which like a toddler impacts my sunny disposition.

At work, things have been a little frustrating and disheartening. To be honest I really don’t fit in with the vast majority of my coworkers. I have always kind of the quiet, hard working odd duck to those around me. I feel that an office is a professional place that deserves a certain level of professionalism in behavior. When my wife was summarily fired for reasons that were not her fault, my solitude at work increased. This week that sense of isolation increased as I was left out of the loop of a few important events.

With the added class impacting my training it has made me a little frustrated. I am sure that much of that frustration is based solely on the fact that it is nearly “marathon month.” The last few weeks I am constantly thinking of ways to improve and what things I do to fix/tweak issues. It’s an end game run in my brain that is constantly going, which is pretty exhausting.

On a happier note, went to dinner with a college friend of mine at a local restaurant. It’s always a challenge balancing a social life and training, especially when the fun-day occurs the day before a long run. BUT I was excited to hang out and catch up. The advantage of the Main Cup is that we have gone to the restaurant before so I know what to expect and I know what they offer menu wise. That is something that is always challenging when going out to eat because I always worry that something is going to set me back nutritionally.

I did enjoy an adult beverage, which is a little out of the norm for me. But I had decided to not be quite as strict about that aspect of training this year. In years past I do not partake in adult beverages for the entirety of training, but I found this year that being a little more lax has made me not quite so stressed out. I find it enjoyable to treat myself every once in a while. I balanced the whiskey sour with quite a bit of water to ensure that I am properly hydrated.

It was a fun evening filled with laughs and catching up on our lives the last few years. It was an early night, something that the four of us laughed about. We giggled that calling it a night 9 PM was such weak sauce when we had all spent most of our early adult years STARTING our night at 9 PM.

Even though going out the night before a long run isn’t ideal, I was looking forward to the camaraderie and fun-ness that will ultimately help me relax after such a long stressful week. It is just what I need to drain the stress away so I can approach my long run with a clear and positive mind.

Happy Running!


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