Fall Has Arrived And Being A Germaphobic Runner

Fall has finally arrived in all it’s cool temperature glory! While it has been only slightly shy of monsooning yesterday, the low 60’s and breeze was perfect last night.

Becky and I struck out alone for a nice 4 miles. We did an entirely new route, we just struck out and started running until we got two miles and then just looped back. It was pretty straight forward with not too much elevation. Normally we do on five and I had thought of adding miles since Wednesday was a lost day with class. However, my legs are beginning to feel heavy from training and I had forgotten to roll; I felt that stopping at 4 when it was still a good feeling was the best solution.

I did have to laugh yesterday when I saw a rather humorous meme about tapering marathoners. While I’m not quite to the taper phase just yet, it perfectly describes how I always feel in the last month before a race.


I never quite grew out of being cranky when I’m tired, and that seems to be intensified when I am training because I feel tired all the time AND I usually have some muscle soreness somewhere.

While I hate running in the pouring rain and freezing temperatures, I am usually not horribly weather obsessed. I am usually mindful so that I know what to wear so that I am comfortable and not reduced to being a clothes horse that has to carry half my running clothes drawer because I didn’t properly plan. (Writers edit: after reading that statement I realized that perhaps I am a bit weather obsessed.)

I think the statement that most applies to me is regarding being a germaphobic. I find that I am even more mindful of the potential for getting sick the closer I am to the marathon. I have what my pediatrician called an “infantile immune system.” Combine that with the residual impact of my various thyroid treatments and I will catch everything that comes my way.

  • Common cold-Check
  • Flu-Check
  • Ear infection-double check
  • Bubonic plaque-If it is going around the office I will get it

Next to injury my biggest fear is illness knocking me out near the end of training. Granted, I have finished a marathon with an undiagnosed under-active thyroid. I have finished a marathon with a sinus infection. But I have to admit that training and running a marathon sick, is a really miserable feeling. It makes things much harder than they need to be and it takes the joy out of the event.

I am usually teased for my careful nature when it comes to germs, but come October I am mocked for my “overly” careful behavior when it comes to avoiding cooties. With the exception of the sinus infection, I have thankfully avoided any sort of cootie incidences pre-race. Perhaps, being a germaphobe has it’s advantages.

How to you avoid the “cooties” close to race time? Are you mocked for your concern? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy Running!




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