Super Fast Miles Before Choir Practice

Regina was hiking on the AT trail and Becky was at the beach so I was on my own for my Thursday run. Jesi was working until close, unlike Wednesday it was planned, and then we were going to grab dinner before choir practice.

I had roughly 45 minutes to run, shower and then head out. I wanted to make sure that I had a quality run rather than a quantity run. My training plan had me at four miles, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get a decent run in plus accomplish the other things I had in mind.

I decided instead to do a really good and solid thirty minute run. I accomplished amazing things in those thirty minutes. I ended up with 3.34 miles in about 33 minutes. I felt good and energized, albeit slightly out of breath. Which is something you never want when you are getting ready to sing for an hour. However the time to relax and have a nice dinner with Jesi helped recenter my breathing and my mind.

I did a little bit of hill work interspersed in the speed work. I feel like part of my success was my marathon play list some how ended up on shuffle. The order that I’m use to hearing music was jumbled. Because my music was unexpected, I found it easy to maintain pace because I never knew what was next. Usually I would mentally say I was going to slow down after the current song, only to have an incredibly upbeat motivational song come on making me feel like I couldn’t stop.

I wouldn’t want to always run with shuffle, I find that the regimented list helps keep me maintaining race pace. But it was a happy accident that yielded fantastic results.

What do you do when you your music list gets all jumbled? Do you stop and fix it, like I contemplated, or do you keep running?

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