Magic Kingdom

8 miles! We walked 8 miles! After spending the day riding rides and watching the amazing fireworks over the castle. We also got a chance to see the Electric Light parade before it makes it way back to Disneyland.

14249935_10154605773149175_3889844645462222531_oIt was a super fun day with only slight issues of anxiety for me. Large groups and confined spaces make me tense and when they are occurring simultaneously I border on panic. I know, I know then when in the world did I go to Disney where those two instances happen on the regular? Seeing my wife’s reaction to the castle for the first time definitely made it all worth while. Also hearing her scream and swear like a sailor when we road Space Mountain was an added bonus as well.

By the time we made it back to the tram after walking, riding and souvenir shopping we had put in roughly 7 miles. However the wait for the tram to take us back to our car was going to be at least 45 minutes. Rather than wait around and risk being even later arriving home, we decided to just walk back to the car.

While I didn’t get running miles in today, making the decision to walimg_7407k despite the level of fatigue we were all feeling was an empowering feeling. I tried to keep a brisk and consistent pace and took the opportunity to view it as a training experience. Even though I didn’t run, and I probably could have, I still took the route that was going to better me overall in terms of athletic endeavors but also healthful endeavors. In reality, that is the ultimate goal of my marathon running is to be healthy.

Happy Running!



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