Tickets to Hogwarts Express

Another fun day at the parks. This time we ventured away from Disney and went to Universal Studios. My all time favorite reading series is Harry Potter. I started reading it in college, initially I thought it was a kids series but quickly became enthralled in the story. I typically reread the series once a year. I must admit that I haven’t seen the final installment of the movie, I saw the first half of the final movie but have yet to watch the final, final episode. Part of me feels that watching it somehow means the magic is over.

Jesi isn’t really a reader, she prefers lighter fare than my usual academic type books. The size of the books alone made her flee from Harry Potter for our five years together. However this year she decided to pick them up and quickly fell in love. Her newly found love of reading is adorable. Part of the decision to get a two park pass for Universal was so that we could experience all of the majesty that is Harry Potter.

It was amazing. We bought wands. We went on rides. We looked at windows and shops and all kinds of things. And we walked, not quite as many miles as yesterday but still walked over six miles.

While we didn’t fall asleep in the car on the way home, we were still wiped from the sun and adventure and walking of the day. While Friday is typically my rest day, I used the 6.75 miles towards my training miles for the week.

As a non-running aside, I ran into my ex. The heart break that resulted from that relationship started me on my fitness journey and eventually opened the way to my wife. It was incredibly jarring to run into someone you least expected to see, that you really never wanted to see again, in such a joyful and happy place. Her presence at the park did sit quietly in the back of my brain. Mostly because our paths kept crossing. We never actually interacted or spoke, but I would spot her and her family across a crowded shop or when exiting a ride.

For all of my irritation that she would be there, there was a small part of me that was glad that she saw me. Looking as healthy as I ever have. With a beautiful wife and having a good time with family. I don’t wish her any ill will, and truth be told I am now immensely grateful for her selfishness and dishonesty because without it I would not be where I am today.

I thought it was an interesting lesson to be presented with. I was gently reminded albeit in a slightly startling fashion that I have come a long way. That I have achieved much. That I have surpassed anyone, including my own, expectations of what was possible. And most importantly I found myself and a beautiful wife and best friend along the way.

Back to the regularly schedule running related blog…

While I didn’t get my miles in from running, I definitely got them in enjoying the adventure of Hogwarts. I promised Jesi that as soon as she finishes the books, we will go back┬áso she can fully enjoy everything after having completed the total story. Not to mention we can take our wands with us and try them out, since we were total geeks and got the interactive “magic” wands.

How do you manage training on long vacations? What tips have you discovered for balancing vacation and training?

Happy Running!

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