Every Person Comes Out Tired

When I first went to EPCOT in 1990, I was told that EPCOT stood for Every Person Comes Out Tired…and boy did we. Being the geek that I have always been, I wanted to see all the things and learn all the technology. I must admit that 26 years later, little has changed.

We were up and out too early for my to start Thursday with a run. My intention was to run upon our return home from the park. However between the Florida sun, the 7 miles of walking and the thrill of the rides combined with falling asleep in the car on the way home, there was no running on Thursday.

I was frustrated and somewhat beating myself up for my lack of focus, but realized that I managed to get in 3 miles more than┬ámy plan called for. While I understand it’s not the same type of training and endurance, there is something to be said for being on your feet for 9 hours in the sun.

I tried instead of beating myself up to use Regina’s principle of time on your feet. Regina feels that while the mileage is important, it’s equally important to train your body to be up and moving for extended periods of time. I have got to admit, that EPCOT certainly qualifies for for that philosophy.

It was fun to explore and see things as an adult. The time roaming the park really brought back memories of my 10 year old self wandering around and ┬ájust taking in everything that so enamored me as a child. It was still just as magical. Plus I got to go on the rides that my grandparents weren’t as thrilled about letting a 10 year old try.

While I didn’t get my miles in, I definitely came out tired.

Happy Running!


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