Humid Florida Weather…at 8am

Nothing like a hot humid run in Florida…at 8 AM. I was amazed that while the temperatures were in the low 70’s, the humidity caused me to sweat like it was in the 90’s.

However, despite the weather I got up and went running. I was stiff from the hours of sitting. Not that the flight was long with there was the hour ride to the airport, the couple hours waiting for the flight followed by the two hour flight there. It was just a lot of cumulative sitting and my hips and legs were aching to move. Well they were aching, not sure the exact reasoning for it.

I set the goal to maintain my training plan on vacation and was glad that the first day  I started out with a run. I know that I may not being able to hit my exact mileage marks with all the park hopping we will be doing, but I am focused on getting out and about to ensure that my training miles hit the necessary marks.

The run itself was pretty decent. I find that runs in unfamiliar places sometimes don’t go quite as well as the familiar. The area wasn’t entirely unfamiliar, I had run in the neighborhood five years prior, but there was new construction and a few roadways I don’t remember seeing. There were some points of steep inclines, which I focused on taking slow and consistent maintaining my form as best as possible. Traffic was a bit of a factor since the sidewalks had to be avoided due to sprinklers. I did my best to hug the curb area, but cars seemed to not to take notice or care that they had ample room in their lane and no opposite traffic approaching.

Despite the traffic and running past the house when I returned, apparently in Florida EVERYONE has a palm tree in front of their pastel colored stucco house with garage and small front porch, I had a great run and was able to enjoy the pool and relaxing that are part of vacation.

Happy Running!


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