Running On Vacation

Jesi and I have ventured to Florida to visit family and Mickey Mouse. I traveled in my Brooks Pure Flow but packed my Hoka’s since I’ve really been enjoying the feel of them. 

I got up this morning to a nice balmy 78 degrees with 92% humidity. But undeterred I struck out for what turned out to be a fairly successful fasted 3 mile run. During the run I maintained a sub 11 minute mile on a fairly steeply graded roadway. 

While I was pleased with the speed and the consistency of the tempo: slowing for the uphill climbs and maintaining my speed on my decline, I was especially pleased with myself for sticking with my plan to run even on vacation. Time waits for no one especially the Marine Corps Marathon. The race is coming whether I am on vacation or home. 

I had a few walk breaks but that was mostly the result of my body not being use to the moisture in the air from the humidity combined with the inclines that are steeper than my usual runs. 

Overall it was a good three solid miles that is continuing to build not only my strength but my confidence. 

We then spent a couple hours this afternoon swimming in the pool. Nothing triathlon worthy but some nice treading and some gentle laps around the pool. It was a nice end to the day and left my muscles feeling refreshed. 

I’m loving my vacation time but also loving that I am staying focused on my big picture goals. 

Do you find it easy to maintain your fitness goals while on vacation? Comment below and let me know how you balance vacation and training. 

Happy Running!

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