Gotta Run Before We Go

Heading to Flordia today for a weeks vacation. We are both super excited to be going on our first vacation together. Jesi unfortunately had to go into the office this morning, while I had some work to do I could do it from home. I did a few domestic things and finished the last load of laundry before deciding that get my run in today. 

Since my Hoka’s are already packed I had to do my miles in my Pure Flows. It was a difference feel pounding the pavement in my old friends. I have quickly become accustomed to the comfort of my cushy Moonshoes. 

I struck out on my run and was quickly hit with how hot and humid it was. I’m use to running early in the morning or in the evening after work, running at noon time was a departure from my norm. Also a departure from my norm was my sudden desire to run in my sports bra and running shorts. 

There was a breeze but the temperatures were so hot I felt stifled. I bravely took my tank top off and ran confidently in my sports bra and shorts. I was a little shy at first but as the breeze cooled me down I gained momentum and continued on. 

I think I made the decision not only because do the temperature but my route was moderately deserted compared to its usual heavily traversed evening traffic. I decided it was now or never…plus I felt that I was doing more than those sitting in their cars that I might pass running. 

It was a good solid 3.5 miles. I maintained a consistent pace and more importantly took sometime to roll my quads, hamstrings and flexors. Even though we had a flight to catch I felt relaxed and really enjoyed the run. 

My goal is to continue to run during my vacation. My running miles may be slightly reduced but the miles will be compensated by the time spent on my feet walking around being a tourist. 

I have a plan and unlike our Chicago trip I will stick with it and get my necessary miles. 

Off to the airport we go!

Happy Running!

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