Eleven Miles And A Tumble

Eleven miles in a little over two hours. It felt amazing. I felt fast and smooth. It was as if I was gliding. The Hoka’s have been a true gift on long runs helping my joints and my legs remain fresh for longer. 

I took a bit of a different route to get to the cemetery. A route I often took last year and would often times struggle with, I noticed a huge difference this year as I was able to run longer patches for speed and only slowing my speed when I got tired. It was yet another indication of the progress that I have made in the last year. 

On my last half mile my toe caught on a raised sidewalk panel and I took a spill. Normally I am not the most agile person but I managed to get myself angled so that I landed in the grass. Though in the process I managed to land on my back on my water bottle which resulted in the water shooting up my back. Thankfully it was the end of my run so that the wasted water wouldn’t impact my run too much. 
It was a bit jarring especially given the positive runs I have had thus far. However other than hurt pride I sustained no injuries and continued the last half mile at the same smooth pace I had maintained during the previous miles.

With each completed long run I feel more confident and comfortable with my pace and form. Although with all the positive inroads I have made, I feel that improving my strength training routine would be beneficial. Though I have concerns of shaking my current training too much at this point. 

I will have to think about what minor tweaks I can make in the next few weeks that will improve my progress without having the unexpected side affect of slowing me down or injuring me.

Have you considered making tweaks before a race? How major were the tweaks and what kinds of changes did you make? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Happy Running! 

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