Rest Day and Achieving the Impossible

I felt pretty good this morning. A little dull ache in my foot but nothing that seemed horrible or worrisome. However, since my training plan said rest day I decided to stick with the rest day so that my 11 miles tomorrow would be smooth and as successful as the last few long runs. Even though it’s a rest day I still took my lunch walk and got some time on my feet at a nice brisk pace.

When I got back to my desk I saw an article on Facebook book about a 5:19 marathon runner that won a marathon. The headline was of course eye catching, and being someone that would be thrilled with even a 5:19 finish time I decided to read the article.

It wasn’t an incredibly in depth article but it was a great read. Julie Jorgeneson’s story starts out like many of us that started running. And shared briefly as this mother of two progressed from an untrained marathoner to someone who now runs 50+ miles a week.

The article was perfect timing for me as I am coming out of my self pitying funk about my sore foot and will I ever achieve my goal of a sub 5 hour marathon. It was that gentle reminder from the Running Universe Gods that one should never give up. That seemingly impossible goal (whatever it might be) is possible to achieve. I’ll keep that motivation and thought in mind when I tackle 11 miles tomorrow.

Check out the article by clicking on the photo.

As always….Happy Running!

Photo by Spenser Heaps, Desert News



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