Back In The Saddle…Well Running Shoes

Four miles done last night…and it felt great. I ran with Regina and Becky and had a blast. Pace wise I never quite match my solo time especially since Becky likes stopping to pet the various local dogs, but the camaraderie with them always makes the run enjoyable.

I had some slight twinges in my foot at first but once I got going and settled into a pace it wasn’t bad. Inclines didn’t have an effect either way. The first few strides were definitely gingerly done and I never went full out at any one point in time, but at the end of the run I felt confident that my decision to rest over the last few days was the right one.

Also, running with friends my first run back after a few days helped pass the time and allowed me to focus on something other than my foot. Instead of getting caught up in every little twinge and ping, I was focused on laughing and talking and not running into parking meters.

Regina didn’t seem too concerned with my days off and seems encouraged by my increased pace and my consistent plan to maintain my progress. I will get there and I will have the best marathon ever.

Happy Running!

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