When You Don’t Know What To Do….The Best Thing To Do Is Nothing

My foot was feeling a bit better last night when I left the office. On a scale of 1-horrifically painful 10, my foot was about a 1-ish; perhaps a .75. There was a slight twinge but nothing unbearable. However I wasn’t 100% about running. I was nervous that the moderately decent feeling would fade if I ran.

It was an internal battle of should I or shouldn’t I. There was the part of me knows that I NEED to get my miles in and was willing to throw caution to the wind. Then there was the part of me that knows I need the miles BUT I have such a short amount of time to train that an injury at this point would be disastrous.

I debated the entire car ride home…up the front walk…into the kitchen where I put my lunch box. The entire time vacillating back and forth and trying to figure out the best course of action. My poor wife must have suffered severe whip lash from the back and forth of my battle.

It wasn’t until I took my shoes off to climb the stairs and felt a twinge measure about a 3 on the twinge-o-meter scale that I decided that I would not run.

My mom has always said when you don’t know what to do the best thing to do is nothing. I used that philosophy when making my decision. It’s horrible and I hate not running, but the truth was after I made the decision I was more relaxed.

I spent the evening working on some Achilles stretches. I actually wore my Aircast for awhile, which seemed to help quite a bit. Whether it’s a placebo effect or an actual effect is  yet to be determined, but it brought some relief to my foot. As much as I dread taking three days off from training, taking a few days now will ensure that I can cover the important mileage in the weeks to come; or at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I put the zero mileage into my spreadsheet.

Truth be told there isn’t that much difference between where I am and where I should be mileage wise. And if I tap into the miles I walk at lunch during the week, I really am on point. Tonight! I will lace up my moonshoes and embark on a gentle run to get my body back into training. And then we will go from there.

Gotta stay positive. Gotta keep running.

Happy Running!



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