Took An Extra Day

While I took the scheduled rest day on Monday expected to return to running on Tuesday, I ended up taking an extra rest day. I found that despite taking Advil, wearing a brace and being mindful about my ankle my foot still felt not 100%. Rather than push it, I took Tuesday off from running. I was frustrated. Incredibly so. I found myself cranky and a grump, I was snappish and discontent.

The pain had decreased somewhat but I felt that one more day would be prudent. Intellectually I knew that was the correct decision but it still caused me some moments of grumpiness, concern and  a little self doubt. I have continued with the ice, massage and Advil regime in hopes that I can resume a slightly modified distance in tonight’s running.

I continue to stay focused and am desperately trying to remain relaxed about this issue that continues to plague me. I am confident that I am the best trained than I have ever been. I ran consistently through the off season. I have lost nearly 50 pounds. I am better educated about aspects of stretching and body mechanics. In those regards I am better prepared.

Despite the nagging pain, I am doing my best to approach things as a scholar. Doing what I do best-LEARNING. Being a geek. Using my love of knowledge to better myself in small ways while I continue to heal. And knowing that my body will take care of itself as long as I take care of it, or some other campy statement.

I think today I am grappling with self talk. Keeping myself motivated when things aren’t going quite as planned. As my Grandy always said, “Make your plans but don’t plan your outcome.” I can make and create all the training plans I want but I can’t, despite my best efforts, plan the outcome of every training session. With that in mind, I will continue to tend to my foot. I will take it day by day and make the ultimate decision regarding training/running at the time I plan to put on my running gear. I will accept that the decisions I make will ultimately result in the best marathon I can produce.

Not the most uplifting or informative blog today, but hopefully will help those that might also be struggling realize they aren’t the only ones.

Happy Running!



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