Rest Days Are The Best Days

Thankfully Monday was a rest day. Last week I switched it up since I have class on Tuesday and took my rest day on Tuesday, however due to my ankle/foot pain I decided to follow the schedule as it’s written. I figured that was the prudent course of action to allow my foot to recover and reduce the aggravation. I spent the evening with my foot packed in an ice pack followed by a gentle massage by Jesi. 

Before I struck out yesterday to tag the property line I questioned whether I should, given the uneven woody terrain mixed with the extra mile I had done on Saturday. But thinking the property line needed to be more visible with the coming hunting season, I ignored my concern and marked forward with my plan.

Unfortunately, I think the uneven terrain really put stress on my cranky ankle tendon. Since I am doing a shortened marathon training plan, I am being even more mindful than usual with pain that seems out of the norm. I am not overly cautious, in fact I would probably say I am a bit reckless and head in the sand about pain. However, this time around I am being mindful of my body and taking the time now to make sure that I maintain the positive progress I have made this year.

As incredibly frustrated as I am by this temporary set back, I am pleased that I am taking the time to recover.This year I am pleased that I am stopping for a few minutes to take care of myself, unlike in years past when I would just push through the discomfort. I think that has been an important lesson to learn and process. Also it is making me look at other areas that I can work on, from upper body strength to my sit ups for my fitness test.

I will admit that I had a few moments of wallowing, but I am trying to maintain a forward focus and remember that pain is temporary….the length of temporary will be shorter if I am patient. While in most things I am patient, my recovery process is sometimes something I am less than patient about so I am trying to take this as a lesson in patience. Also, I find that I am learning more about the recovery process and by extension I am learning the stretches and post run recovery that I need to hone in on in order to ensure that this issue does not plague me after I recover. As much as I am not thrilled about doubling up my running and class time, I will see what a night of rest brings and then return to my training plan as scheduled tomorrow.

How do you handle set backs when you have physical snafus? Comment below and let me know.

Happy Running!

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