Sunday Cross-Training In The Woods and Installing Gates

According to my training plan, Sunday a day devoted to 60 minutes of cross training. This is meant to help your body recover from the previous days long run through active recovery. It also helps build endurance and promotes muscle health through the use of non-running muscles.

The list of cross training options is pretty extensive: walking, hiking, biking, swimming and rowing; just to name a few. For me this Sunday was dedicated to hiking through the woods at my West Virginia cabin tagging the property line. While not cross training, but just as important and exciting we reinstalled/repaired the driveway gate that had been damaged by the tree removal company. IMG_7064

I had a bit of a challenge with the lower portion of the property line since nothing in the entire state of West Virginia is level. I  was angled at a 90 degree slope the entire hike. A task made even more difficult by watching the ground so as not to step on any thing one should not step on, i.e. scat, large holes, downed tree branches/trees or tangle of large snakes. (The last one being a valid fear for a multitude of reasons including the fact that I had seen a ring neck snake not two hours prior). Of course while looking down you are presented with the challenging of not walking into a still upright tree or a low hanging branch that is at eye level.

My wife, bless her14086419_10154559307509175_895156666728329858_o heart, was concerned that I would be shot if I stepped on the wrong side of the property line while marking. In her defense, it is a valid concern in the deep woods of West Virginia. Sadly the only vibrantly colored clothing we have are the neon orange fleece hoodies that are worn during hunting season. I should say again FLEECE HOODIE! It is August, even though we are in the mountains it is still AUGUST and therefore 90+ degrees. Also, Jesi was worried if I tripped and fell over one of the many things listed above she would be able to find me more easily. Not wanting to worry her anymore than she already was about me striking out into the deep woods, I dressed up a neon orange FLEECE.

All but one portion of the property was marked in neon orange spray paint, because of the age of many of the trees and the horrific wind storms that have hammered the mountain, many of my usually marked trees were down so I struggled to properly mark the one border. Hopefully when the leaves come down in the fall I will have better luck spotting the last remaining border.

More exciting than the cross training the hiking  provided, I was thrilled to repair the fence that the local electric company in conjunction with the tree pruning company damaged. The logistics of replacing a seven foot long gate when the property is literally six miles up the side of the mountain on a sparsely graveled road and your only vehicle is a VW GTi, causes a bit of consternation. On top of the frustration was the fact that we hadn’t been notified of the damage and did not receive any communication from the company despite my attempts to get in touch with them.

On a lark I once again looked at the gate, something I have been doing for the two years since the mishap and finally realized that I just needed to reset the hinges and we should be good to go. I also realized that there wasn’t anything I could do the fence to further damage it or destroy it.

IMG_7057  IMG_7058

The gate had been install roughly 20 years ago and was truly a family affair…it took all three of to get the large gate lined up properly hung while someone else pushed in the pins. Thankfully Jesi and I managed it just the two of us with patience and a lot of movement in tiny increments. We were both surprised that it really only took about 10 minutes to get the gate rehung. We were even more excited that the gate seems to swing even better than it did before. Although, the process added to our frustration that the tree company not only crushed the gate, but it’s obvious that they had taken the gate out of the brackets, rather then adjust the hinges back to the proper height. But the task is done and we are super proud of ourselves that we fixed it!


Sunday was a funday mixed with cross training and productivity. Though I think that I need to invest in some neon gear that is more summer appropriate, I think I sweated out at least three pounds.

What kinds of things do you like to do on your cross training days?

Happy Running!

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