Saturday Long Run

My first solo long run of the training year. Ten miles in sub 2 hours. I am still giddily allowing that to sink in-a sub two hour 10 miles. Actually I was only suppose to do nine miles but I was feeling pretty good and decided to take the long way home and add that extra mile to my run.

In terms of walk versus run ratio, I definitely ran more than I walked. My walking was at a minimum. I tried instead to slow my pace down rather than just walk. I also made it a goal to run all inclines and hills, and I stuck with that goal pretty solidly.

I typically do the bulk of my long run miles in the local cemetery, a location that creeps most people. Honestly it’s a quiet location with a nicely paved two mile loop, if you run in the inner paths it is a little more than two. Also there is a clean bathroom and a drinking¬†fountain. For my inner history buff, there are graves of soldiers that have fought in every war (American Revolutionary War to present). The largest portion of those graves coming from the Civil War. Also, Francis Scott Key and Barbara Fritchie are both buried there as well as several other famous people.

The path is well maintained, it is majority flat but has some slight inclines and with the various paths along the way one can “chose your own adventure” route so you never get bored. At least I don’t. Also, it mimics some portions of the Marine Corps Marathon which allows me to do some visualization of the course while I run.

The other exciting part of the run was that I still felt strong at the end of the run. I don’t think I could have done another mile on top of my impromptu additional mile, but I felt like I gave a strong and consistent effort throughout the run and still felt decent. I was a bit tired but not overly so. I also found that I didn’t need to consume my “marathon cookies” along the way, something I usually need to do at the halfway point because I feel depleted. I did find that I needed more water than I typically do but our dinner the night before was a little higher in sodium than most (and I have my marathoncookies.jpgmonthly friend) so I was a bit more depleted than usual.

Just to explain, my “marathon cookies” are nothing more
than the store brand version of
vanilla Oreo cookies. For some reason they have to be cheap store brand version. Literally the only time of year that I crave them is during marathon training. They are the perfect size to fit in my hydration belt and they have just the right amount of sugar to give me a much needed boost when the time is there.

Overall, I would rate the run a solid 8.5 out of 10. I think the biggest hindrance is maintaining a consistent pace. I have a tendency of starting out too fast and then slowing down and then speeding up. I really need to work on maintaining a consistent pace. I need to remind myself that even though I feel fabulous that I need to not allow that feeling override my plan and set pace.

That is a struggle that really short circuits my past MCM’s. I start out in the adrenaline and excitement of the race morning and allow my pace to be pushed faster than my starting pace AND at an inconsistently fast pace. I think I need to work on getting settled in sooner to conserve my energy.

I am excited that it looks like this marathon could be a sub 6 hour marathon. Potentially a sub 5 hour but that will only happen if I can maintain the consistent steady pace.

How was your weekend run? Comment below and let me know.

Happy Running!


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