A Morning Without Advil

This was the first morning in roughly two weeks that I haven’t started the day taking (more the the bottle says) Advil with my oatmeal. Something I have been hinting at but not really sharing in great detail is the fact that my foot has been giving me fits in the last couple weeks. Specifically the tendon under my ankle bone of my right foot. It has been incredibly painful and has required me on a few occasions to set for lengths of time with my foot wrapped in ice to ease the discomfort. Most days on a scale of 1 to 10 it was 4; some days especially I had trained the next morning would be an 8.

It is not unusual for me to have issues with tendinitis. I seem to be a bit more prone to it, I think its a consequence of my no hold bars approach to training. If two miles is good than four is better. That might be an exaggeration to some degree, but often times I get in the zone and that great feel of the run and just go with it.

I think this tendinitis go round came from my repeated speed work necessary for me to train for my fitness test. The fitness test that has slightly skewed my marathon training. The fitness test that still  does not have a date. However, I realized that at some point that I need to refocus my training efforts. Realizing that I was pushing my body to the point of near yakking, the refocus would give my tendons and body a rest from the physiological effect such hard training was causing.

Wednesday’s run that I didn’t feel a twinge when I first pushed off to run. I had a slight pull when I was walking on the treadmill for the last mile so I slowed the speed down a little bit, realizing I wasn’t going to achieve Olympic medal pace. I was super excited yesterday because last nights four miles was the first where I had no discomfort at all, except for the discomfort stemming from the heat and humidity.

The true test of my lack of Advil will be the addition of a run tomorrow, my first long run of training. Scary to think about. But after looking at my colorfully created spreadsheet of my training plan complete with comparison formulas I found that I am only short ten miles. However, if I factor in the lunch time walks I do every day I am on par mileage wise. I hate using my lunch walks as training miles since they more mental breaks than training, but I realized that while it isn’t ideal I am still on my feet working my muscles.

Tomorrow will be seven miles. I’m meeting Regina at Starbucks (not for coffee but because of the location) and I’m going to run my 7 miles and then head for my haircut. Hopefully Mahta won’t mind the sweat….I’ll be sure to spritz with body spray before entering the salon.

I am excited to embark on tomorrows run. Excited to put in that first long run and really test my body. I’m excited to see what a body that is nearly 50 pounds lighter and more focused and stronger then ever can do. I’m just excited. (That was not an intentional nod to  Jessie Spano)

Happy Running!


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