Saved from a trip to Oz

I have been staying focused and committed to my training plan. With  72 days until the marathon I am staying dialed into my plan, so much so that I completely missed the warning signs of an impending severe storm and started out on my run.

My goal was to complete three miles. After a particularly challenging day at the office I was looking forward to the run to clear my mind. Listening to my marathon play list and pleased with my increasing speed and progress (I was running a nine minute mile) I was oblivious to the sounds of thunder rumbling in the distance. It wasn’t until I got about a mile and a quarter out that I saw the ominous stormy sky.

But I had a mission! I had three miles to complete and I wasn’t there yet. I ran the last quarter of mile to reach the half way point and that’s when I saw that Mother Nature can move a lot faster than I can.

Jesi had at some point texted to let me know that there was a storm quickly approaching. I had looked at my phone to text to say I can see a storm coming but “I’m fine I’m about a mile and a half out I should be good.” It wasn’t too long into my return when I saw the large bolt of lightening split the sky that I realized I was probably not going to make it back safely. Thankfully Jesi was more cognizant of the weather and armed with the “Find My Friend” app she made her way to save me from a potential trip to Oz.

As an aside, I typically tell Jesi my route before I head out but I was indecisive and wasn’t sure if I was going to go left or right when I got to the intersection. My decision was going to be based on the amount of shade that was available when I got to the intersection. The Find My Friend app is a great way to locate a potentially wayward runner, even though I hadn’t told Jesi which direction I had turned she was able to see where I was and turned the car right instead of left which was yesterdays route. 

The faster the clouds rolled, the quicker I began to move. The thunder was now loud enough that I could hear it plainly through my earbuds and the flashes of lightening broke up the dark clouds. As Jesi pulled up next to me I was comfortably running an eight minute mile pace. For a brief second I contemplated making a break for it and running the last mile and change home, but I realized as the flashes of lightening and the crashes of thunder were closer together that it best to ride home.

As soon as we got home, I went down and completed the last mile on the treadmill. While it screwed up my average mile pace I was happy that I stuck with my mileage goal, despite Mother’s Nature lack of cooperation.

Jesi came down while I was on treadmill and opened the blinds to the slider door, the sky and opened up shortly after we returned home and it was sideways rain. The thunder was so close it felt like the house was shaking. I’m not sure that even at my 8 minute pace, which I question whether I could have sustained for the last mile home, would have gotten me home in time.

As the time is getting closer for the race I am desperately trying not to get stuck in my head about the approaching date. I am just working on staying the course with the plan as it’s laid out. I am pleased with how I am feeling overall with the runs. I am more relaxed and my speed is consistently improving. Most importantly I am staying focused on the things I have control over and making sure to make the necessary tweaks to improve. The time is what it is, it’s not going to change but focuses on areas of improvement will ensure a successful race day.

Happy Running!


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