Heat Index 110 = Deadmill Run

It is as if summer has decided to come roaring back in this year. We had been lucky the last few days to have cooler temperatures. It was as if fall was beginning to make its way into the area….alas yesterday shattered that dream. With temperatures in the 90’s and a heat index well over 100 degrees and warnings about strenuous activity outside, I decided to do my training on the deadmill…I mean treadmill.

Our treadmill isn’tIMG_6886 that fabulous, in fact it doesn’t go faster than 4.0 miles per hour. It was free from a co-worker and folds up, so it doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of space in the rec room. While it’s really not fast enough for me to
run, I ended up doing a speed-walking session.

My training plan called for a three mile run, however walking on a treadmill for any length of time aggravates my ankle; I can run with minimal issues but walking seems to pull on my ankle a bit more than I would like. I ended up doing two miles on the ‘mill and combined that mileage with my one mile lunch walk.

It is not a habit I want to get into, combining my lunch walk with training miles to somehow round out the day, but I felt based on the twinge in my ankle that it was better to be smart about training. Also, I wanted to stay consistent yet flexible with my training. While running outside wasn’t the best option given the weather, I wanted to make sure that I put forth 100% effort into the day.

Since my marathon training window is smaller than years past I want to make sure that I want to make sure that I am taking advantage of every opportunity, no matter how small, to get the miles in.

Happy Running!


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