I have been horrible

I have been horrible about maintaining my blog. I had these visions of grandeur about sharing my training and various thoughts; I thought I would become the Casey Neistat of the running blog world. Alas, I have not only been slacking on my blogging but I have also been directing my training not on marathoning.

In my defense (albeit slight) I have been training, however my focus has been on the physical fitness test for a job in law enforcement that I am currently pursuing. Because the test requires sprinting and a timed mile and a half run, I have been focusing on training my fast twitch muscles to get me around the track at a lightening fast pace.

I was horrified to learn/realize that the Marine Corps Marathon is a little over 12 weeks away. My thoughts of daily running and increasing my mileage and by extension my amazing finish time seem now like an impossibility. However, I have not made it this far in life or my running career without a bit of ingenuity and self pep talk.

Thank heavens for the internet, I found a great 12 week training plan…granted I had to spend 20 minutes converting the distances from metric to imperial. It’s a moderately progressive plan that will get me prepared in 12 weeks without beating the crap out of me leading up to race day.

I’m excited to start integrating the two training plans. I have decided to use one day of 5k training to focus solely on the sprints and timed mile runs and leave the rest of the week to focusing on endurance. I think the combination of the two will be a great balance and will ensure that my ever cranky hip flexors will be allowed to strengthen rather then be beaten down.

What do you do when you realize that your plans and reality of training take different routes? Share in the comments below how you get back on track.

Happy running!


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