Summer Has Begun….As Has My Training

A fall marathon means the joyful experience of training in the summer months. For Marylanders that means running in pea-soup like humidity and scorching hot days. The start of summer means the official start of my training program. While I haven’t started with as much vim and vigor as I had spent my winter months dreaming of, I am off to the best start of my marathoning career thus far.

I am consistent in my stretching, foam rolling and body weight work. Jesi and I are planning to begin our gym time next week in order to work with weights and machines. Nothing to crazy, but I would like to incorporate some dead lifts and weighted squats.

My previous blog had me embarking on a road trip adventure with stars in my eyes that I would be running in new cities, becoming the Vasco da Gama of the running world. However, the long hours in the car combined with the less than fantastical neighborhood locations of the hotels meant that I instead focused on body weight work in the hotel room.

We did do quite a bit of walking around and being touristy, so while I didn’t get running in I did manage to get in the nearly equivalent number of miles in walking around. Not to mention Chicago traffic took about 10 years off my life from fright and added about 3 hours worth of time in travel to and from the wedding events…which were a mere 11 miles from the hotel.

So far I am still in the honeymoon phase of training where I gladly and diligently train. I will admit that my mileage count isn’t matching my training plan exactly, but I am doing what feels good to my body at a speed and distance that feels great. I think one of my downfalls in past years has been that I follow cookie cutter plans that didn’t take into account how I actually felt. I am learning more and more to listen to the signals of my body: when I am actually hurt versus when I am just pushing past my comfort zone; exhaustion versus training fatigue. They are small nuanced differences but the knowledge is going to result in huge benefits this year.

I must admit that this is one of my more disjointed posts, it’s really just a verbal vomit of things that have been rolling around in my brain. I will try and have a more coherent (and consistently posted) blog the next time around.

Happy Running!

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