Hitting the Road

Today my wife and I are striking out on our first long road trip adventure. We regularly travel to Boston to visit her family, but this will be our first long road trip that will include places neither one of us have been.

A friend of ours is getting married in Chicago (a town neither of us has been to and a state a wife has never been to) and then we are going to make a side trip to Wisconsin (a state neither of us has been to). I’m excited to once again set out on a road trip, it’s been six years since my epic cross country adventure. I’m most looking forward to having a co-pilot and a partner in adventuring.

Even with all the wedding festivities and traveling, I am planning on getting some running in on this adventure. I have packed all my necessary running accoutrements and while I haven’t mapped out any running routes I have repeatedly told myself and others that I will be getting a few miles in each day. Most importantly though, my official marathon training starts this weekend. I’m a little nervous not to start my regimen in my usual manner but at the same time I’m excited to start my new plan out in a new and different way.

I think it will be a great adventure to set out on a run in a new city. What better way to explore than to go for a run?! Not to mention after sitting in a car of many hours I’m going to want to get up and move.

Off we go on our adventure!

Happy Running!



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