Meal Prep Recipes To Get You Started

Yesterday I wrote about the various reasons that meal prep isn’t just for bodybuilders. As runners our nutrition is always important to maintain. Below I have a few recipes that I have found that keep my macros on point while also being incredibly tasty and most importantly budget friendly! This is in no way an inclusive list of our meals, but these are most recent round of recipes. I will add more recipes as we come across them. The biggest thing is to experiment and try new things.

Each link has the recipe along with all the macros needed to make sure you are staying on point (whatever your point might be)


Egg White Cups

Red Eye Protein Shake


Spring Veggie Stir Fry Couscous with Ground Turkey

Zoodle “Lasagna” Style Bake


If you have a favorite recipe or hack, please share in the comments section below!

Happy Running…and cooking!

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