Running With Friends

Spring seems to have completely skipped Maryland this year. Last nights run, while much cooler than Wednesday’s was still in the upper 80’s and sunny. But Thursday runs are always super fun because I get to run with my training partners Becky and Regina.
Our banter and general yammering makes the four miles fly by and makes the heat seem bearable. Also, there isn’t a whole lot of thinking that goes into running with Regina because she maps out the route and leads the way; all I have to do is put one foot in front of the other in rapid succession.

For some reason shoe size came up which causes us to stop about a quarter mile in, slip off one shoe and compare feet. Of the three of us I have the largest feet at size 10. We also learned that the length of your forearm from wrist to elbow is the same length as your foot….a factoid that caused us to once again stop running and try it out. Apparently it is fairly accurate.

While the effort wasn’t my fastest…between our foot factoid exploration and Becky’s need to stop and pet all the dogs which slows us down a smudge. Despite the lack of speed, I always feel rejuvenated after time with running friends.

Do you have running friends that help make the run more enjoyable? Or are you strictly a solo runner. Comment below and let me know!

Happy Running!

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