Dressed like a liberal Amish

After work last night I decided to do my part and take part in Global Running Day. I typically am not so spontaneous when it comes to taking part in well anything that isn’t properly planned out at least a week in advance, notated on the calendar and highlighted with the appropriate color to denote it’s importance. Ok, so while I am not spontaneous, I am not quite that bad when it comes to my rigidity. But nonetheless, after my decision to pursue the advanced training plan (see yesterdays blog here) I decided I wasn’t going to wait until the precise day the training plan started to hit the pavement.

Typically, I lay out my clothes the night before my decision to run but since it was a last minute decision I had to rifle through my dresser drawer of running clothes. While looking for my tank top to combat the 90* heat, I realized I have enough running attire to clothe several small developing nations; especially given that I always wear the same few outfits. I usually wear my Semper Fi Fund racing shirt, shorts that typically come to about my knee and compression underwear that comes to just above my knee…no short undies or anything short and revealing for me. I am a rather conservatively dressed runner, I’m about one step up from the Amish when it comes to my running gear.IMG_5765

I am incredibly self conscious about my non-stereotypical distance runners body…I am a sprinter at heart and in my quads. I have never actually worn shorty running shorts except as a bathing suit cover up. My thighs chafe….the shorts ride up awkwardly…I have no place to put my phone so I can listen to my music…there are a lot of reasons that shorty shorts and JJ just don’t get along. However, I decided to brave and bold…again something I am neither…..and I wore shorty shorts with no additional long legged compression shorts.

I slathered my thighs with probably more than the recommended amount of Bodyglide and realized that the shorts were actually rather roomy, much like my Amish shorts. The Bodyglide combined with feeling emboldened by my recent weight loss, 44.4 pounds, and this desire to just be me covered my next few excuses. Plus, I just decided not to care what those I pass by think because honestly most of them were traveling in cars and by default should be more focused on the road and not my ensemble. And finally, my wife had purchased an armband for my phone since I’ve been having issues with it staying in my pocket, so that was excuse number three solved.

The beginning of the run presented a few challenges, running with an iPhone 6 in an armband feels like I am running with a computer attached to my arm. Aside from the weight, I didn’t know where to put my headphones and spent the first quarter mile with my elbow and necklace held hostage by a tangled headphone cord. Once I got that squared away I found that the shorts felt different. They move differently than I’m use to, and I felt that they were riding up oddly in the front giving me a bit of runners camel toe, for lack of a better description. I realized that wasn’t the case, that in fact my shorts were just flowing in the breeze because I was going pretty fast.

IMG_5767I didn’t go very far (an unexpected bathroom urge had me heading for home at the end of mile 1). Honestly, I just wanted to get out and get running. I finished my 2 mile run at a 11:25 pace, which felt incredibly comfortable and right. I’m thinking the lack of material from my  Amish shorts helped me move faster, I felt more free. After the first few minutes of self-conscious concern about how I looked faded away, I realized I was more focused on my stride and feeling how things moved more freely (especially after I escaped the prison of my headphone cord).

Overall, I was pleased with the run and more excited that in one day I was spontaneous, brave and bold.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have tried anything spontaneous, brave or bold on your runs? How did you feel afterwards?

Happy Running!


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