Global Running Day

It seemed appropriate on Global Running Day that I would begin fine tuning my marathon training plan for the 2016 Marine Corps Marathon.

For the last 5 years I have utilized the Hal Higdon plan, while I will admit I didn’t follow it to the exact T, I found that I struggled with the plan. I felt compelled to use it because it seemed to be the plan that most mainstream publications gravitated towards. While I definitely saw improvement in last years time (I shaved an hour off) the plan just never seemed to quite fit.

I found that it would take me a few days to recover from my weekend long runs. Some weeks I was sore, others I was just tired. It felt like I was constantly beating the crap out of my body rather then increasing my strength and endurance. I will wholeheartedly admit that I didn’t follow the program 100% of the time, perhaps if I had I wouldn’t have had that same feeling. However hearing and reading from other runners that followed the plan to the letter, that they too had issues I felt that perhaps I should reexamine my plans.

This year I plan on using the Hanson Method. I like that the plan doesn’t seem to focus on this huge lengthy weekend run, but rather consistent miles throughout the week. This plan will definitely require more time and patience but I feel that it will yield much better results. I found with the Higdon planned that I could more easily push off or change the mileage to suit my schedule. Not that I can’t do that with this plan, but I feel the structure of the Hanson plan better suits me and my logical brain.

The decision became do I do the beginning training plan or the advanced plan. I vacillated back and forth, making up every reason why the beginning plan might be better. The weekly required miles were a bit lower. The plan fit more comfortably into my schedule. The list continued why the “easier” appearing plan would be better, despite the fact that I have now run a half dozen marathons which puts me in a category far from beginner status.

I took a moment to reflect and realize that there in lies the rubs…I need to get uncomfortable. I need to kick myself out of my rut and get out and run. More importantly, I need to remember my goals and what I want and that tin order o achieve them I am going to have to bust my ass (not literally speaking, though with my balance and coordination a literal ass busting is possible) and do the work and grind my face off. I am not going to qualify for Boston by my 40th birthday if I take the easier running path.

On Global Running Day 2016 I proclaim that I will be using the advanced Hanson Method training plan…since it’s on the internet it must be the truth.

I am interested in your training plans, in the comment section let me know what plan you utilize and how you came to select it.

Happy Running!


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