Doing something is better than doing nothing

I have always enjoyed learning. If I could be a full time student and still maintain some level of income that would allow me to eat, have a roof over my head and run all the races I desire that is what I would be; a professional student.

However, I must admit this semester of classes has been more stressful than enlightening. Part of the frustration is one of my professor’s is horrible….reads straight from the text book horrible. The other portion of that frustration is that said horrible professor’s class screws up with my running schedule. I end up missing my Thursday run and my week just goes off the rails.

I am looking forward to the end of the semester when I can resume my normal level of gym going and outside running. I feel emotionally drained and feel lost when I can’t get in my normal level of endorphin boosting routines. This semester has truly been the first time when juggling life and running has been nearly impossible to achieve.

Doing something, no matter how small,  is better than doing nothing at all.

Despite not being able to do my normal level of movement, I have found other ways to improve myself as an athlete. I stretch and foam roll while studying, I even got a lacrosse ball to roll the heck out of my feet while sitting at my desk. I find other little ways to stay in the game. That’s really been a big lesson, doing something, no matter how small,  is better than doing nothing at all.

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