Running in the mist

Mother Nature is definitely having some kind of mid-life crisis. The weather in Maryland has been incredibly unpredictable the last few weeks, so much so I’m never quite sure what to wear to the office for fear that it will be snowing when I leave at the end of the day. I know, not a funny joke, especially for my Colorado friends who still continue to get snow.

IMG_5428_headerThe beginning of the week dawned sunny and 70 and borderline humid, yesterday it was 48 and rainy and just raw feeling. Actually it wasn’t really raining it was misty. That frustrating precipitation that is slightly above dry but not quite raining. As a runner, this is incredibly frustrating. I would much prefer to run in a downpour than in a misty conditions. It’s as if Mother Nature is all wishy washy and can’t make up her mind. Seriously, either rain or don’t!

However, despite wearing a hat, I still had to squint my eyes to keep the rain out…something that honestly ended up giving me a headache while NOT keeping the rain out of my eyes. Also I wasn’t sure how to dress, I had on shorts and my windbreaker, but even though it was 48 degrees, I was sweating like crazy about a mile in but feared taking my jacket off because I didn’t want to end up getting wet and cold. Plus my feet were wet, there is nothing more in the running world that I despise than wet feet! IMG_5427

Despite my frustrations with the precipitation and my wet feet and socks, I got in a pretty solid run. We might have broken the rules slightly by running along the portion of Carroll Creek that is still under construction, hey those chain link fences were just a suggested path right? There is not longer the hoses and piles of brick and gravel that we use to run over so I figured it was all good and far safer. Plus we got to see the beautiful iron work on the new bridge.

It was a nice solid 4 miles at roughly a 12 minute pace, Runner Keeper gave me a slower average but we got stuck at a few red lights and we did have to climb a fence at the other end of Carroll Creek so our pace slowed at a few points. Overall, we maintained a pretty solid 12 minute pace, in the mist.

Most importantly I got my miles in, any Thursday I get to run is a good day in my book. I’m anxiously awaiting the end of the semester with my every other Thursday Audit and Assurance class will no longer impact my training run.

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